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Our capabilities include surface and underground mining and exploration drilling services. Bamboo Rock Drilling is capable and equipped to offer the
full spectrum of drilling disciplines.

Our Services And Capabilities

Blast Hole


With the ability to provide first life equipment we cater for small and large diameter drilling requirements. Coupled with our competent crews and strong technical support we deliver a world class service as well as machine availability to cater for our Clients additional needs.



Our versatile and agile drilling fleet enables us to meet the requirements of our Clients on a timely and project scope basis. Together with our Safety first approach and years of drilling experience we deliver a service renowned for hitting production targets, core recoveries and key client selected KPIs.



The ability to adapt to changing environments gives us the edge on our competition. Safety first, as with all of our works, is reflected in the service we provide underground. With a versatile fleet and flexibility to adapt to our Clients requirements, this allows us to provide grade control / cover drilling and exploration drilling in a forever evolving environment whilst always ensuring the safety of all stakeholders and achieving production and core recovery requirements.

Grade Control


The key to any success is having access to key information. Our highly skilled operators understand this principle and is the very basis on which we provide our Grade Control Drilling service.

Geo Technical


We understand our Clients development needs. Together with our key selected Stakeholders we can provide our Clients with the exact information they require to ensure the sustainability of the Clients development programs.

Manpower and Consultancy Services


With years of Management, Technical and local experience we can cater to our Clients requirement for Labour Management Services. You need it, we will deliver it.

Sample Recovery


The quest for perfection is visible in our approach to sample recovery. Our Clients information requirements are of utmost importance to us and this is reflected in our desire to provide 100% sample recovery in varying conditions. Together with our Key Stakeholders we have the ability to successfully find the solution that works for our Clients varying ground conditions.

Customer Value


Our all-in sustainable and client-centric approach to our service offering ensures the maximization of customer value.


The Benefits

The Value Bamboo Rock Drilling Offers

  • Bamboo Rock Drilling is well known for being a reliable Drilling contractor, our local knowledge, experience and operations are well developed, which in turn offers attractive benefits to our clients.
  • Our 1st life premium brand fleet ensures availability, high utilisation and efficient production.
  • We are rapidly able to gear up financially with new and specialised rigs to meet our client’s requirements.
  • Bamboo Rock Drilling’s key focus lies in building client satisfaction through a safe working environment, reliability, flexibility and sustainable achieving production targets.
  • Bamboo Rock Drilling’s fleet consists of premium brand well maintained first life equipment.



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